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Meet our CEO

Benedict Geber

Mr. Benedict Geber has been with Horizon Shipping since 2009 as Chartering Manager and was appointed CEO in 2013. He started his shipping career at Ultranav International where he was part of the Ultrabulk team from 2006 until 2009. Benedict Geber completed his business studies at the University of Passau in Bavaria and holds a degree in Business Administration from TU-Berlin. Benedict Geber has dual citizenship (Germany and US) and resides in Miami.

Meet our Board of Directors

  • Dag von AppenPRESIDENT

    Mr. Dag von Appen is President of Horizon Shipping, Inc., Chairman of the Board and CEO of Ultranav and Board Member of Ultramar. Mr. von Appen has held several senior executive positions within the company and prior to that also worked in a number of well-known shipping companies abroad. He holds a degree in Economics from the Universidad de Chile in Santiago and also completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School of Boston (USA). Mr. Dag von Appen is a Chilean and German citizen and resides in Santiago, Chile.

  • Per von AppenDIRECTOR

  • Ernesto GarciaDIRECTOR

    Mr. Garcia is the founder of Horizon Shipping, Ltd and the current Director. Mr. Garcia graduated from the Universidad Agraria in Peru and has an extensive history and experience in the shipping business. Previously, he worked at Naviera Neptuno, a Peruvian shipping company, for fifteen years as Commercial Executive Vice President. He went on to pursue other endeavors when he moved to Vancouver and Miami to successfully run the operations at Horizon Shipping as CEO from 1990 to 2013. Mr. Garcia was born in Peru and is presently a US citizen and resides in Miami.

  • Jan VermeijDIRECTOR

    Mr. Vermeij has more than 30 years of working experience, holding different management positions in Chile, Argentina and Peru. Mr. Vermeij has been part of Ultramar/Ultranav Group for about 18 years. In 2007, he was appointed Executive Vice President of Petrolera Transoceanica, an important shipping Company based in Peru. In 2009, he came back to Chile being designated CEO of Ultratug, the Ultranav's tugboat company with operations in 8 countries in South America. In 2014, he assumed the responsibility to lead Ultramar group of companies holding the position of CEO. In 2018, Mr. Jan Vermeij is back to Ultranav as COO. Mr. Vermeij has a Bachelor of Arts degree (Economics major) from the Occidental College – Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. and a post-graduated in Business Administration from Universidad Adolfo Ibañez – Santiago, Chile. Mr. Vermeij is a Chilean citizen and resides in Chile.

  • Enrique IdeDIRECTOR

    Mr. Ide has a comprehensive management experience as member of the board of directors of different industrial companies and long career in the shipping industry. He was CEO of Ultranav for eleven years and is currently a board member of Ultranav, Steamship Mutual, Empresas Carozzi S.A. and Küpfer Hermanos S.A,. Mr. Ide holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School, he is a Chilean citizen and resides in Chile.

  • Meet our Team

Christian Cavallero

Chartering Manager
Email: CCavallero@lotocean.com
Cell: +1 305.431.52.99
Office: +1 305.373.2454
Region: Europe & Mediterranean

Sebastian Viniczay

Email: SViniczay@lotocean.com
Cell: +1 305.713.8005
Office: +1 305.373.2454
Region: Europe & Far East

Phillip Schuster

Email: PSchuster@lotocean.com
Cell: +1 305.748.1179
Office: +1 305.373.2454
Region: Far East & India


Brent Williams

Operations Manager
Email: BWilliams@lotocean.com
Cell: +1 305.431.5398
Office: +1 305.373.2454

Jano Garcia

Email: JGarcia@lotocean.com
Cell: +1 305.510.1719
Office: +1 305.373.2454
Region: Far East



Veronica Analco

Email: VAnalco@lotocean.com
Cell: +1 786.546.6928
Office: +1 305.373.2454
Region: India

Virginia Baralt

Email: VBaralt@lotocean.com
Cell: +1 786.296.7798
Office: +1 305.373.2454
Region: Far East

Katya von Appen

Email: Kvonappen@lotocean.com
Cell: +1 305.399.1216
Office: +1 305.373.2454
Region: Far East


Gabriela Baez

Accounting & Human Resources
Email: GBaez@lotocean.com
Office: +1 305.373.2454

Eddy Del Rosario

Accounting Manager & Operations Controller
Email: EDelRosario@lotocean.com
Cell: +1 786.603.6334
Office: +1 305.373.2454

Yahaira Thomas

Accounting Assistant
Email: YThomas@lotocean.com
Office: +1 305.373.2454



Rosa De La Cruz

Laytimes Execution
Email: RDelacruz@lotocean.com
Office: +1 305.373.2454

Yaritza Gonzalez

Executive Assistant
Email: YGonzalez@lotocean.com
Office: +1 305.373.2454